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Thailand Retirement Visa

US Citizens

The Thai retirement visa for US citizens is issued to retirees or applicants who wish to visit and retire in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Please note that you must first obtain a 90-day visa from your home country or country of residence prior to your application for the Thai Retirement visa in Thailand.

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Retirement Visa Qualifications

  1. Applicant must be 50 years of age or over.
  2. Must meet any of the financial requirements:
    • Security deposit of THB 800,000 in a Thai bank account for 2 months prior to the visa application
    • Monthly Income of 65,000 THB regularly deposited in a Thai bank account
  3. Supporting documents are as follows:
    • In case of security deposit, you will provide an updated bank book or passbook together with a bank letter stating that the money had been deposited to the account from an overseas source for not less than 2 months.
    • In case of income, you will provide a 12-month period bank statement showing a regular deposit of 65,000 baht into a Thai bank account from an overseas source. The current balance in the Thai savings account doesn't have to be 800,000 THB.

We strongly advise that you contact us first before proceeding with your payment so we can give you heads up on the process and fees involved.

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Benefits of Thai Retirement Visa

Siam Legal International offers service to process Retirement Visa to Thailand for US citizens. This visa provides the following:

  • Multiple-entry travel to Thailand.
  • Valid for use for a period of 1 calendar year.
  • The visa is renewable every year and can be renewed inside Thailand (applicant must meet the requirements for the visa renewal).
  • Ability to open bank (savings) account in Thailand.

Thai Visa Package

  • Completed visa application form by our professional legal staff.
  • Supporting documents required by the Thai embassy.
  • Unlimited consultation with our Thai immigration specialist.
  • Comprehensive documents checklist for the visa application at the Immigration Office.
  • Guaranteed 100% success (business dealings with the Thai embassy or consulate).
  • Fast Service! And your passport/visa returned to you.*

* We highly recommend to use a courier when posting visa application documents.

Thai Visa Application Procedure
  1. Click the Apply Now button below and add Thailand Retirement Visa to your cart.
  2. Click Check Out and submit the payment. After confirming your payment, we will send you the necessary details and where to submit your passport for visa processing.
  3. Submit your passport and supporting documents to the Thai embassy for processing. Keep the tracking numbers of the posted document.
  4. Within 5-10 days of receipt, your passport with visa will be returned to you.
  5. After you receive the Non-Immigrant O visa, you may travel to Thailand and we will assist you to open a Thai bank account and apply for the one year retirement visa.

UPDATE: Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, all foreigners entering Thailand are required to obtain a Certificate of Entry (COE) issued by the Thai Embassy or Consulate prior to traveling to Thailand. The applicants are required to submit ASQ Hotel reservation for the mandatory quarantine and COVID-19 Travel Insurance policy.

We advise you to contact us first before proceeding with your application should you have any further queries regarding our service.

  • Siam Legal Fee: 927 USD
  • Embassy Fee: 80 USD (to be paid to the Royal Thai Embassy in the US)
Money Back Guarantee Policy

Please bear in mind that no company can assure the success of a visa application. In the event, however, that your application is rejected after we present the required documents and/or testimony to the relevant authorities, Siam Legal will refund the fees (excluding the government fees) you paid to us.

Please note that the following conditions apply to our money back guarantee:

  • The client must accurately provide information to the Immigration Officials without any false representations or material omissions
  • The client must truthfully declare that he or she does not have any criminal record.
  • The client must appropriately and timely respond to all requests by the relevant authorities.

In addition, if you change your mind and decide not to pursue your application after we have prepared the documents for you, you would not be entitled to a refund since we have already started the process.

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