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US Visa Application

for Thai Citizens

Your US Visa application starts in Thailand by finding a reputable law firm staffed with qualified US Immigration lawyers. We at Siam Legal with offices in all the major cities in Thailand are one of the best brand names in Thailand for expatriate and foreign legal assistance. With highly skilled Thai staff able to assist your Thai wife for Thai fiancée with the collection of all the documents you will require for the application, right down to taking her down to the US Embassy in Thailand for her K1 Visa interview or if it is your Thai wife, her K3 Visa interview at the US Embassy in Bangkok.

Most visa firms in Thailand especially in Pattaya are not law firms and are not staffed by lawyers so they have limited knowledge with regards to immigration laws but more importantly they have limited or no knowledge about prenuptial agreements or property law as it varies from one US state to the next.

Consider the following:

  1. Would you hire a visa firm over a law firm when the costs are the same?
  2. Does a visa firm understand your US state laws?
  3. Can you expect them to give you advice on your child's Thai citizenship status?

If you answer is NO to any of the above questions then consider speaking to our para-legal clerks online and have a US immigration lawyer contact you with all the answers you need. Better yet call us on our Toll-Free US telephone numbers and speak to our lawyers yourself. We also offer a call-back service should you prefer that a lawyer calls you - free of charge to answer your questions.

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These are the basics for US Visa applications:

  1. CR-1 Visa - This US visa is issued to applicants who wish to enter the United States of America for the purpose of staying with thier husbands. Much like the K3 Visa however there are more advantages to this US visa over the K3 Spouse Visa. Speak to our US Immigration lawyers and see what is best suited to you and your family.
  2. K1 Visa - This visa is the most commonly used US Visa for taking your Thai fiancee back to the united States of America. The K1 Visa tends to be faster than the Us Spouse Visa however there is more paperwork involved later when back in the US. Our immigration lawyers are best suited to point you into the correct legal process for your needs.
  3. K3 Visa - This US visa is issued to applicants who are already married to a US citizen. The timeline is much longer than a US Fiancee Visa however the paperwork back in the US is far less than that of a K1 Fiancee Visa. Consider a CR1 Visa for your Thai wife as that is another option for taking your Thai wife back to the United States of America.
  4. Advance Parole - When taking your Thai fiancee back to the United States she can apply for advance parole should she wish to leave the US before she has been granted permanent status. Without applying for advance parole your Thai fiancee would have to start the fiancee visa process from scratch as leaving the US without parole cancels her visa.
  5. K4 Visa - The K4 visa is used in combination with another US Visa. The K4 Visa is a childrens visa is is normally the US Visa for the children of your Thai wife or Thai fiancee. Speak to us about how this is done and when you have to apply for the visa.
US Visa Application for Thailand
K1 Visa Interview CR1 Visa
US K1 Visa Thailand K3 Spouse Visa
US Tourist Visa Advance Parole
K2 Visa K4 Visa
US Embassy
Local Office Numbers:
Bangkok: 02-254-8900
Phuket: 084-021-9800
Chiang Mai: 053-818-306
Pattaya: 084-021-9800
International Numbers:
US: 1 (702) 966-2764
Thailand: +66 2 254-8900
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