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What is the Thailand Elite Visa?

If you’re a US national looking for a way to stay in Thailand long-term without the hassle of having to constantly exit the country, then the Thailand Elite Visa for US Citizens is the ideal choice for you. Set up by Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd., a division of the Thai government’s Ministry of Tourism and Sports, this luxury tourist visa rewards you with numerous benefits and the opportunity to experience the Land of Smiles longer than other long-term Thai visas, all with a much faster and easier application process.

The Thailand Elite Visa offers US citizens a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Thailand's vibrant culture, traditions, and lifestyle. With the Thailand Privilege, previously recognized as the Thailand Elite, Americans can now experience extended stays in Thailand with ease. This premium visa option provides a hassle-free experience by removing the need for frequent renewals, specifically targeting affluent individuals from the United States who are in search of an exceptional quality of life in Thailand.

Thai Elite Visa Benefits

The Thailand Elite Visa offers an opportunity for US citizens seeking long-term residency in Thailand. This program is designed to provide an elevated experience for those who wish to enjoy the beauty, culture, and lifestyle of Thailand for extended periods. Here are the key benefits and features of the Thailand Elite Visa for US citizens:

  • Extended Stay with Multiple Entry

    The Thailand Elite Visa offers various membership packages that allow stays ranging from 5 to 20 years, providing a significant advantage for US citizens looking for long-term residency options in Thailand. This visa also grants multiple entry privileges, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for travelers who wish to come and go without the hassle of re-applying for entry permits.

  • Exclusive Privileges and Services

    Members of the Thailand Elite program enjoy a host of exclusive privileges and services designed to enhance their stay in Thailand. These include VIP treatment at airports, expedited immigration processes, complimentary medical check-ups, and access to golf courses and spas. Additionally, members benefit from personalized assistance services, such as help with visa extensions, 90-day reporting, and even opening bank accounts.

  • Investment and Networking Opportunities

    While the Thailand Elite Visa itself does not directly offer investment opportunities, membership provides access to business matching, networking seminars, and wealth advisory services. These events and services can facilitate valuable connections and streamline the process of investing in Thailand, offering a supportive environment for exploring the country's investment landscape.

  • Health and Wellness Benefits

    The program prioritizes the health and well-being of its members by offering special privileges for healthcare services. This includes one-time complimentary health check-ups and access to leading hospitals, clinics, and wellness centers, ensuring members can maintain a healthy lifestyle while enjoying their stay in Thailand.

Thailand Elite Visa Membership Options

The Thailand Elite Visa offers a range of membership levels tailored to suit the needs of US citizens looking for varying lengths of stay, from extended vacations to long-term residency in Thailand. Each membership tier provides specific benefits, validity periods, and associated costs to ensure there's a perfect match for everyone's requirements. Here's a breakdown of the available membership options:

Thailand Privilege Visa Gold Package

  • Cost: THB 900,000
  • Validity: 5-year visa
  • Points: 20 privilege points

A practical option for US citizens interested in extended vacations or exploring business opportunities in Thailand, the Gold Membership offers a 5-year visa. It's an excellent choice for individuals or families considering longer stays.

Thailand Privilege Visa Platinum Membership

  • Cost: THB 1,500,000
  • Validity: 10-year visa
  • Points: 35 privilege points

Optimal for those seeking hassle-free living or traveling in Thailand for a decade, the Platinum Membership provides significant privilege points to ensure a comfortable stay without the higher price tag of the top tiers.

Thailand Privilege Visa Diamond Membership

  • Cost: THB 2,500,000
  • Visa Validity: 15-year visa
  • Points: 55 privilege points

This membership is a blend of long-term access and exclusive perks, designed for comfortable and extended stays in Thailand. With a 15-year visa, it offers a generous balance of cost and privileges.

Thailand Privilege Visa Reserve Membership (invitation-only)

  • Cost: THB 5,000,000
  • Validity: 20-year visa
  • Points: 120 privilege points

Reserved exclusively for the elite with an invitation, this tier offers the longest visa validity, allowing for a seamless two-decade stay in Thailand. The substantial privilege points unlock an array of exclusive benefits, ideal for those seeking the ultimate in luxury and convenience.

Thailand Elite Privilege Points

A unique benefit of being a Thailand Privilege member as a US citizen is access to the Thailand Privilege Points feature. This allows you to spend points on acquiring privileges from a long and diverse list. This feature grants you more choice and flexibility, allowing you to select which benefits to utilize regardless of the membership package you applied for.

Each membership package provides an allotment of privilege points every year. Some perks cost more points than others, but the prices are generally the same for every membership tier. The full list of available rewards is too long to list in its entirety here, but here are some examples at the three most common price points:

  • 1 point: Free hotel nights, 90-day reporting assistance, airport lounge access, activities like night safaris
  • 2 points: Assistance in opening a bank account, access to select golf courses, cooking classes, dental packages
  • 3+ points: Thai cultural tours, Mahout training courses, health checkup program, free gym membership

Thailand Elite Visa Eligibility Requirements

Here are several requirements you must meet to be eligible for a Thailand Elite Visa:

  • Must hold a valid foreign passport, with no less than 12 months before expiration
  • Must not have declared bankruptcy
  • Must not have any imprisonment or serious criminal activity on record
  • Must not have any history of long overstays or pending overstay penalties in Thailand
  • Must be mentally sound
  • Must not be a current or previous volunteer visa holder
  • The passport you want to use must not originate from any of these UN-sanctioned countries:
    • Africa: Central Africa, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, Sao Tome, and Principe, Sierra Leone, Somalia, and Sudan
    • Middle East: Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Palestine, Syria, and Yemen
    • Asia: Afghanistan, North Korea, and Pakistan

How to Get a Thai Elite Visa?

Certain challenges can appear while applying for Thailand Elite visa that can lead to delays or even a rejection, so it's always best to seek professional assistance to facilitate the process. The first step is to contact a General Sales and Services Agent (GSSA). The Thai government appoints GSSAs to connect with US applicants such as yourself to assist you in completing your application smoothly. Applying for the Thailand Elite Visa through one significantly reduces any delays and complications, and because of government subsidies, their services are available at no cost to you.

When reaching out to a GSSA, you are entitled to the following services, free of charge:

  • You can attend a 1-on-1 private meeting with a GSSA to ask any questions about the Thailand Privilege membership program and whether it suits your needs.
  • Your GSSA will provide you with a checklist detailing a list of items that you need for the application.
  • Your GSSA will review your application packet to determine if anything is missing or incorrect to prevent a rejection.
  • If everything is in order, your GSSA will submit your application directly to the Thai government and communicate with them for you.

Frequently Asked Question

Can family members be added to a Thailand Privilege membership?

Yes, additional family members can be added for a fee, depending on the membership tier: GOLD: 900,000 THB per additional family member. PLATINUM: 1,000,000 THB per additional family member. DIAMOND: 1,500,000 THB per additional family member.

For more frequently asked questions, click here.

Am I allowed to work on a Thai Elite Visa?

No, you cannot work while on a Thai Elite Visa as it is still considered a tourist visa. You also cannot apply for a Thai work permit. You are, however, permitted to continue holding the visa while working remotely for a company based overseas.

Do I need health insurance for a Thailand Elite Visa?

Health insurance is not required for the visa, but is highly recommended in case of a medical emergency during your stay in Thailand.

Do I have to pay for the membership every year?

Fortunately, only a one-time payment is required for the Thai Elite Visa from Thailand Privilege. There are no annual payments needed, unless you upgrade from the legacy Thai Elite Visa program.

Can I extend my Thai Elite Visa?

You can only extend your membership if you are a 20-year Reserve member. If your membership expires, you must apply for a new one, which entails submitting another application. If you want to prolong your membership, there is also the option of upgrading your current membership to a higher tier.

What if my passport expires while my Thailand Privilege membership is active?

If your passport expires while on a Thai Elite Visa, it is a simple matter of renewing it and phoning the member contact center to report that you have a new one. Your new passport information will be updated in the Thailand Privilege database.

How can I pay for a Thailand Privilege membership?

You can pay for the Thai Elite Visa by utilizing the following payment methods:

  • Cash (you must pay through a Krung-Thai bank branch if you choose this method)
  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Alipay
  • Mobile banking transfer
  • International banking transfer
  • Cryptocurrency

Note that a GSSA will likely be needed to facilitate payments not made via cash or credit.

Will I have to pay taxes while holding a Thai Elite Visa?

You are only liable to pay taxes if you reside in Thailand for at least 180 days and earn foreign income. If this does not apply to you, then you won’t be required to file taxes. If you have any concerns about taxation in Thailand, its recommended that you reach out to a Thai tax consultant for answers.

Where can I apply for Thailand Privilege?

You have the option of applying for a Thai Elite Visa both in Thailand and outside the country.

How long can I remain outside Thailand on a Thai Elite Visa?

There is no time limit for how long you can remain outside Thailand while on a Thai Elite Visa. However, it is worth monitoring the number of days your membership offers you to avoid complications when returning.

Do I have to report to immigration?

Yes, you will need to report to immigration every 90 days. By spending 1 privilege point, you can also hire an Elite Personal Liaison to report to immigration entirely on your behalf. They will request that you send in your necessary documents for the reporting process and they will complete it on their end.

Can I open a bank account?

Yes, you can open a bank account in Thailand. If you’d like, you can also spend 2 privilege points to hire an Elite Personal Liaison who will guide you through opening your bank account.

Can I acquire a driver’s license?

Yes, you can apply for driving lessons and reward yourself with a license by heading to the Department of Land Transport. In addition, you have the opportunity to also appoint an Elite Personal Liaison to assist you in earning your license.

If I do not pass the background check, am I guaranteed a refund?

You are entitled to a refund of the application fee if you fail the background check. No refund will be issued if you opt out of the application under your own terms, or if you do not pay the membership fee within 30 days.

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